About AAEA

Who are we? Art educators, supporters and enthusiasts

What do we do? Support each other, network and share resources/ideas/experiences

Why should you join? Solidarity and diversity at the same time

Kathleen Arola-Johnson

Who are we? I am an elementary art teacher in Tucson's Sunnyside Unified School District. I teach at both Drexel Elementary School and Los Ninos Elementary School. I am also a doctoral student in the University of Arizona's Art Education program. AAEA is a group of art education enthusiasts, ranging from pre-service, practicing, and retired educators; researchers and administrators; and other professionals whose work supports the arts.

What do we do? AAEA serves as a valuable, Arizona-based network that connects people who share a common interest in art education. The active association members, including a dedicated leadership committee and regional representatives, work together to maintain and further the association's mission. Members participate in the annual state conference in addition to regional events and trainings. These opportunities allow art educators to share their wealth of knowledge, experience and support with one another. AAEA also organizes opportunities for Arizona students and teachers to nurture their artistic growth, through participation in in juried shows, gallery or museum based exhibits, and other collective art presentations or competitions. Although I have not been an active member for the past three years, I served as a regional representative 7 years ago and have presented at two annual conferences.

Why should you join? AAEA opens up opportunities to connect with other Arizona art education enthusiasts! Particularly in the public school environment, art teachers often feel isolated among their colleagues as our jobs offer unique challenges and pleasures. These connections bring a sense of belonging, purpose, and support in our professional and academic lives.

Becky Shipe

Who are we? I have taught art for 24 years,however I am currently teaching at the middle school as a Special Education case manager and push in specialist. I use are Art projects to reinforce regular education. I straddle both the special education and the art groups within our community of Kingman. I am the commissioner for the Junior art at the Mohave county fair this year, and am active in the community art guild (MACG).

What do we do? Conferences are my main focus and I look forward to them each year and encourage others to join and participate. being a speaker is one way I give back to AAEA.

Why should you join? Networking is the single most important reason to join and participate with other art educators. Next would be the great sessions at conference and of course our vendors with their new products and samples to take home and try. I have created several new lessons because of a new product.

Toni Bigelow

Who are we? A community of professional art educators entrusted with the sacred task of instilling a love of art in the hearts and minds of our students.

What do we do? We provide connections for sharing resources, ideas, and inspiration. We provide professional development to enhance the instructional capacity of art educators. We advocate for art education's position of importance in curricular offerings in all educational settings.

Why should you join? AAEA opens opportunities for members and facilitates personal and professional growth.

Keith Preston

Who are we? a volunteer organization that feels and acts deeply for the benefit of art education among schools and other art organizations to help in the preparation of art students.

A local (Arizona) arm of the nation organization (NAEA)
What do we do? advocate for art education within Arizona; arrange workshops and conferences; communicate, provide leadership for membership and non-members.

Why should you join? Keeping abreast; National Art Honor society, professional obligation, united front of valued art educators, like minds, a voice, strength in numbers.

Amy McBroom

Who are we? I am a K-8 art teacher. I have taught for 20 yrs. I see the group as quality art teachers who are advocates for quality art education for all students in Arizona.

What do we do? We promote the current trends in art education. We provide professional development opportunities for art educators. We are advocates for arts in Arizona. We participate in presenting and attending the conferences. We share in our own districts the information from the group.

Why should you join? it is an excellent opportunity to meet other art educators from around the state. The professional development is the best, always relevant and current.

Linda Duncan

Who are we? I am a K-12 art teacher currently employed at the middle school level. As a group, AAEA is a group of artists and art educators of different stripes.

What do we do? Advocate for our profession(s) and inspire one another to become better art educators.

Why should you join? Art educators should join to be a part of the community. If I received this email because my membership has expired, don't worry. I will rejoin when I am getting paychecks again and have paid off the $1,000.00+ I put on my credit card this summer to buy art supplies for my classroom.

Connor Gifford

Who are we? AAEA is a group of art educators from across our state who promote quality art education through encouraging one another, sharing teaching experiences, and training one another at regional workshops and the state convention.

What do we do? Support the arts across the state by promoting YAM, providing training opportunities for art teachers, special events with the art museum , producing a newsletter, and giving special recognition to art teachers at state conference.

Why should you join? Camaraderie with other art teachers!

Debbie Hammer

Who are we? I am the New Media Arts educator at the Dysart Fine Arts Academy at West Point

What do we do? We are core and special areas teachers working together in applying the arts in every subject. We are truly STEAMed.

Why should you join? Besides the networking between art teachers, there is creative resources and ideas flowing for ALL who wish to balance the creative side with the academic side of our students' life.

Mary E Odom

Who are we? Middle School Art Teacher in the Phoenix art area, teaching for the last 12 years. AAEA is a great organization that is made up of art educators around the state.

What do we do? AAEA strives to offer professional development and support to art teachers across the state. I have taught workshops at different conferences and had a great time.

Why should you join? AAEA is a great way to connect with other teachers around the state and share ideas.

Candace Greene

Who are we? The Arizona Art Education Association, a group of concerned art teachers, students, retired teachers and administrators who want a voice in arts education

What do we do? Sponsor annual conference, go between for issues that impact arts eduction.

Why should you join? Annual conference is the best and most likely only PD you will have for the year.

Nancy Murphy

Who are we? I am an administrator in a small, public school. I am also an art advocate for my students and children in general.

What do we do? We help people understand the important role art plays in the education of our students. We emphasize the value of teaching problem solving, critical thinking and creativity through art and the positive carry-over this instruction has on all the other subject areas.

Why should you join? We learn so much from each other. I have found the art educator community to be one that is very sharing and I really appreciate learning from others who have challenges similar to my own.

Lucy Thompson

Who are we? AAEA is a great non profit organization dedicated to the professional development of art educators in the state of Arizona. AAEA advocates for the development of art education programs from preschool through college and post-graduate levels.

What do we do? AAEA offers many opportunities for art teachers to gain advanced knowledge in their field, meet and collaborate with other art teachers in the state and also is the official sponsor of Youth Art Month in Arizona, with a statewide Youth Art Month Exhibit every March.

Why should you join? In my personal experience, the Arizona Art Education Association has been so important to my career as an art teacher. We are often the only art educator in our school at the elementary level and having professional development dedicated to our needs from this organization has been invaluable. The AAEA has always had up-to-date information on Visual Art standards and developments in the field. I also must say that I have made lifelong friends during the many years of attending workshops and conferences.

Angie Watts

Who are we? I am an individual who believes art is an important and should be an integral part of everyones life. As a group we are stronger in the support of this idea.

What do we do? As an organization you provide well needed support to those of us who are providing the experience of doing, seeing and understanding how art is important in our lives. My part is to remain inspired and informed.

Why should you join? To remind myself that I am not alone in my efforts to provide students with the best possible experiences in art so they will continue to enrich their lives with art forms that have been expressed throughout time and will hopefully continue to be expressed throughout the world now and into the future.

Jane Buckman

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